About Mike

Hey, I'm Mike Robinson.

Me and my wife, Jess

I'm a Full Stack Web Developer with over twenty years of professional experience architecting and building websites, applications, APIs, and just about any other type of thing that runs in this big ol' cloud we call the Internet. I've also been leading and mentoring development teams for the better part of the last eight years.

Though always changing, these days I am most in love with building applications using Next.js, React, and TypeScript. I also have a long history with the Django web framework (since the 0.x betas) and Python.

How it started

I've been building websites professionally since 2002, but it truly all started some time in or around 1995. I was sitting in my 9th grade woodshop class when my friend told me about this really cool website called GeoCities where you could build your own website! I couldn't wait to get home that day to fire up my 486 DX2 and claim my own little corner of the web.

From there I learned the basics of HTML. I would follow that up in later years with a little bit of JavaScript. By 2001, I was on to my first dynamic, data-driven website built with PHP4 and MySQL when I built a roster website for my Counter-Strike clan.

I attended Western University where I earned my Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science, and continued to Humber College where I completed a post-graduate certificate in web development.

How it's going

Currently I'm leading the web team at Globacore where we build interactive experiences for events (both virtual and in-person), trade shows, and permanent installations. I'm architecting and leading the development of our online content management systems and services to support these experiences with a particular focus on project-agnostic design and productization.

Non-work stuff

I live in London (not that one), Canada with my wife Jess, three kids, and a chocolate Labrador named Ellie. I play guitar in a dad rock cover band (90's music is considered "Dad Rock" now isn't it?). I'm an avid (but kinda bad) golfer. I love going to concerts and have been to probably over a hundred of them. I'm a huge Toronto Raptors fan.